Anne-Valérie Gasc part of MAB16 in Sydney, Australia

Videospread is pleased to present « Feu-Principe de contradiction »  from artist Anne-Valérie Gasc, during the Media Architecture Biennial in Sydney from June 1st to 4th 2016. The films will be screened on The Concourse screen during the event.

Feu-Principe de contradiction is the title of an installation grouping an artist book, two videos and a serigraphy.
This project is articulated around the collaps of the Ten Democracy Towers that took place on October 11th 1994, in the Minguettes area in Vénissieux, France.
Based on archives, Various small sparks replays the series of the electric impulsions that triggered the explosions.
This artist book is the following of Some Belsunce apartments (2008), and is inscribed in a trilogy and establishes a critical and detonating re-reading of the artist about Ed. Rusha’s first three famous publications.
Feu-Principe de contradiction, documented by two videos, is an action destined to confrom Various small sparks edition to the protocole enacted by Ed. Rusha :  400 copies. Contractually obliged to edit 500 books, Anne-Valérie Gasc proceeds, on January 25th 2015 to the combustion of the extra 100 copies.
Démocratie is the image of the« monument of dust », written in the ashes of the action.
A text from philosopher Paulo Pires do Vale entitled La maladie secrète (Lisbon, 2015) accompanies the installation.




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