Caroline Duchatelet on Caszuidas screen, Amsterdam.

As part of the “VIDEO GUIDE – Marseilles” screening series on CASZUIDAS screen – Moving Images in Public Space – in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Videospread is pleased to present Caroline Duchatelet’s solo show “Dawn”. The programme will be launched in May 2009 and screened for one year.


Profession: Artist
Gender: Female

Over one hundred years and the determination of many women were necessary to break the bonds that tied female artists to their social status of being Women: excluded from Fine Arts training, from signing contracts with gallery owners without their husband’s consent… A handful of women lead the way and fought to obtain an identical and equal status as men’s, in a field that had long been a masculinist territory.

The networks and groups of women artists, authors, gallery owners, patrons… that arose in Paris in the pre, in-between and post-war years, were not so much associations or partnerships based on the sharing of professional, sexual, social or cultural values, standards or interests, but rather a community which allowed others to act knowing that they were part of a shared reality.

Marie Laurencin, Tamara de Lempicka, Sonia Delaunay, Iris Clert, Niki de Saint Phalle, Annette Messager and Louise Bourgeois – to state only a few – have in turn asserted themselves in a professional context which was for long, ruled by the only will of men. They have, by their achievements, allowed other women to overstep purely formal issues, to take part in the reflection and construction of the global Art theory.

Caroline Duchatelet’s programme – Dawn – is the fifth of a series of seven solo shows dedicated to contemporary women artists who have chosen Art as a field for research, expression and personal development.



Caroline Duchatelet


-Text by Guillaume Mansart-


Duchatelet’s work focuses on thin, slight parts of the world. A light fading, a shadow stretching out, time running by and out, a passer-by appearing, a space revealing itself through time… If her mastering of somehow heterogeneous materials is obvious (wood or plaster panels, screens…) it is nonetheless ephemerality which composes the corpus of the work. The piece, the place, the presence, the setting, the landscape and the light come together, offered as a whole.


Caroline Duchatelet proposes moments of world. She cares about fleeting certainties: lights at dawn, mists, tenuous sounds, horizons, and reflections… Most of her work tends to make tangible -more than visible- the transience of persisting things. It is an off-centred art, in which the surrounding is as much of a presence. An art of made of subtle attention and essential importance.


The artist does not try to reproduce or represent reality but enters it, “focuses her attention on” and uses perception as a way to merge with the environment. Her installations propose as many viewpoints as there may be in a space, and as many moments as there may be in a day, a week, a season… For everything comes as a whole, the artist’s gesture, the spectator’s attention, together with the movement of the world.


Thursday, 16 august is a 30 minutes static shot recorded on the Plateau de la Sinne in Provence, during the summer of 2007. Dawn has whitewashed the horizon, the sun rises and the light softly increases. As daylight slowly settles on land, the wind blows quietly and seems to keep pace with the growing morning light. In harmony, they move along. Clouds run-by as the light intensifies, together in a same movement. The artist has modified the speed of the recording in order to maintain the rhythmic synchrony all along the video.


Caroline Duchatelet’s film proposes for 30 minutes an experience of time, of duration, near to that of natural cycles. It is a living experience, a respiration, an emotion, an encounter with a landscape in the middle of the city.