Didier Fiuza Faustino on Caszuidas Giant Screen, Amsterdam.

Videospread is pleased to present Didier Fiuza Faustino’s solo show “(G)host in the (S)hell”. The programme will be lauched in July 2010 and screened for one year.


(G)host in the (S)hell

-Text by Céline Saraiva-

A bare-chested man is facing us, looking. It is Didier Fiuza Faustino, the artist/architect. The frontal framing as well as the lack of decoration, encircles and enthrones the body as a “potential” model, that of the creator. The man begins to masticate chewing gum, then places it awkwardly on his face. From the repetition of the gesture appears a mask, a sort of “hand made” graft, hideous and deformed. As Francis Bacon’s distressed self-portraits, the face shows itself devastated, distorted and disrupt. But to what purpose?

Far beyond the only desire to alter his own image, the creator’s face covered with its hideous hood, becomes multiple, to the point of creating ambiguity in defining its own identity. It is exactly through this state of “disorder” that the artist verifies the hypothesis of Art’s legitimacy, incarnated here in the ambivalence between the obvious beauty of a standard naked body and the monstrosity of its double. As in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the outcome is not so simple, for it is precisely beauty vs ugliness, good vs bad, that we have to compose with.