Jeff Gibson at The Concourse, Sydney.

Videospread is pleased to annouce the launch of Jeff Gibson’s program “But wait, there’s more!” on The Concourse giant screen as of January 2015. The videos will be displayed for four consecutive months.

Jeff Gibson’s two most recent videos, Statusfaction, 2012, and Metapoetaestheticism, 2013, combine witty, dictionary-of-psychology-style definitions with eccentric image taxonomies assembled from wide-ranging—diamond rings to donuts—Google searches. The socially incisive texts appear and then disappear over a steady progression of cryptic, categorial image dissolves, prompting associations by turns logical, poetic, or absurd. Further complicating the matrix of interpretive possibilities, all images appear three times over the course of the video, but in different sequences. And to cap off the cracked psychosocial ambience, both videos are accompanied by campy, elevator music sound tracks whose overly agreeable, tranquilizing tones complement the queasy, high-low shopping mall excess of the imagery and the mock-therapeutic analyses of the texts.

An explicitly critical Conceptualism, Gibson’s definitions are characterized by a penetrating perspicuity and an engagingly euphonic prose style that mimics and satirically exceeds the language of clinical psychology. Humor is also present in the accompanying image selections and their thematically organized, carefully composed arrangements. In concert with the syrupy Muzak, the mostly acerbic, phony-busting texts intersect with the pseudo-typology of the taxonomies to elicit critical/comical musings around the nature of commerce, taste, selfhood, and behavior.

Jeff Gibson is an Australian-born artist and occasional critic who has worked in a variety of media and contexts—photography, video, prints, posters, banners, and books for galleries and public spaces. A former senior editor of Art&Text magazine, Gibson moved to New York in 1998 to work for Artforum, where he is currently managing editor. Since arriving in New York, he has produced two artist’s books (Dupe: A Partial Compendium of Everyday Delusions [2000] and Sarsaparilla to Sorcery [2007]), exhibited on the Panasonic Astrovision screen in Times Square as part of Creative Time’s “59th Minute” program, and mounted solo shows at the New York Academy of Sciences, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (New York), and The Suburban (Chicago). Throughout January 2011, two of the artist’s videos, Smoke and Asylum (both 2010), were projected onto the facade of the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York, as part of a curated series presented by Light Work and the Urban Video Project. His video Metapoetaestheticism, 2013, was exhibited in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.