Michel Klöfkorn on the Concourse in Sydney.

It is with great pleasure the Videospread presents Michel Klöfkorn’s work, specialist in stop motion animation – he has just received the special Austrian avant-garde animation award!

This new program composed of two films, x-x-xx–x–gewobenes papier & I ride to the edge of the atmonsphere in half an hour on my bicycle, is a new opportunity to plunge in a spectacular images, so impressive with detail and preciseness.

His work, unique and prodigious, has the capacity to hypnotize and capture us to take us to far away lands, deprived of Human presence but populated with recycled beings (paper, plastic, metal wire etc..). But be warned, one should not be fooled with the glazed paper and glamourous aesthetics aspects of his work, for he is surely trying to send a message on our futile desires, superficial and ephemeral systems of communication and consumption.

The program will be screened on the Concourse’s giant outdoor screen as of July 2014, for a period of four consecutive months.