Videospread conceives, produces and distributes video art programmes and multimedia applications, dedicated to screenings in public and semi-public spaces. Its video art programmes are silent and put forward the power of images and their visual attraction.


Our domain of expertise

Content for screenings in public space – Shaping our visual culture

Taking advantage of the rapidly growing sector of outdoor urban displays, the programmes curated by Videospread question the capacity of Art having a direct impact on the general viewing public, which is usually confronted with advertising. Through this new approach of visual content, Videospread wishes to encourage and promote critical thinking.

Interactive applications and digital content

Videospread has developed an expertise in the conception and production of interactive applications and digital content. Working hand in hand with our clients, we are able to produce state of the art interactive applications, specifically conceived for a particular type of technology.


Videospread wants to challenge the way we look at moving images.