Sylvie Ungauer

Lives and works in Brest, France.


The essence of my work resides in “getting things connected”, finding the links, the networks that structure our society, the relations between an individual, his living space and the exterior world. This particular interest in interrelated structures – without being directly related to politics – helps maintain a human scale relation to our world, and poses the question: how can we live in harmony with our planet?
This reflection is a source of inspiration for different types of artwork: city models, hats, clothing, shelters, cellular and molecular shaped drawings or video motifs. The starting point of my work is a computer and the end products are objects closely related to our daily life.

Social territory and mixed technics

Interrogations related to public and private space are at the heart of my work. These interrogations led me to consider the traditional living space (our home) – strongly marked by the feminine figure – as a territory of social exchanges. The feminist implication has an important role in defining filiation or referring to history.
The association of crafts work with new technologies in my work is deliberate (weaving, seaming, knitting and internet) as is the mix of society’s consumption wastes (plastic bags, clothing, damaged video tapes) with high-tech materials (resin, optical fibre, varnish, silicone). From its conception to its final production, the work sways from one territory to another, from groups to communities, from amateurs to professionals, with the ambition of creating a network of people getting personally involved in the process of creation.


The work is thought of as an in-situ installation mixing video, photography and sound. The use of a computer introduces a new dimension of virtual space, time and writing.
For the past few years I’ve been working on automatically generated images, with the perspective of creating interactive artworks.