VIDEO GUIDE Marseilles – Part II

As part of the “VIDEO GUIDE – Marseilles” screening series on CASZUIDAS screen -Moving Images in Public Space- in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Videospread presents the programme “Body Snatchers” curated by Vidéochroniques. The programme will be launched in September 2008 and screened until May 2009.


Body Snatchers
Vidéochroniques is pleased to present a selection of videos from artists, Constantin Alexandrakis, Emmanuelle Bentz, Damien Berthier, Julia Boix-Vives, Michaël Cros, Lydie Jean-dit-Pannel and Frédéric Vaësen.

All artworks are based on performance and the body’s representation in action. However, these films do not possess the value of a report or record; they do not  “certify” anything, they are in the “making” of something, they are “themselves” an accomplishment, and it is precisely in that sense that they are related to performance art. Once the medium, the instrument, has revealed its qualities -taken at any point of its manipulation (from shooting to editing)- it no longer remains restricted to its capacity of capture and reproduction, but actually takes part in the “act” of performance. Thus, the performer’s body merges with the body of the video.

In principle reflexive, this approach, when nourished with spontaneous and pure imagination gives birth to creations with a magical and extraordinary touch, somewhat distant from the usual formal austerity that emanates from such processes. Contrary to other media, video here resists to its capacity of reflection. The mirror is convex, or concave or far more than that, and the image is totally and entirely embraced as, inaccurate, fanciful, fantasy, or any other free interpretation of a tale.
Curator : Edouard Monnet