VIDEO GUIDE Marseilles – Part X

As part of the “VIDEO GUIDE – Marseilles” screening series on CASZUIDAS screen – Moving Images in Public Space – in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Videospread is pleased to present “Irony” a group show by Galerie Porte Avion*. The programme will be launched in November 2009 and screened for one year.


-Text by Jean-Jacques Le Berre-

Beyond technical aspects and philosophical content, the videos presented in this programme have the particularity of never setting-up a character, of using a bold treatment of image in order to suggest rather than impose, of revealing the impalpable presence of their creators and of showing a hypnotic and destabilizing approach enhanced by the simplicity and exactitude used in the modes of production.

These three propositions –John Deneuve, Laurent Le Forban, Wilson Trouvé- are extremely different in their treatment, however, complementary in the way they formalize our mechanisms of perception.
Curator: Jean-Jacques Le Berre
* Founded in 1988, Porte Avion gallery is the first alternative gallery to operate in Marseilles. Promoting emerging local artists meanwhile collaborating with established international artists is part of the gallery’s long-term action. It regularly takes part in International Art Fairs: Salon du Dessin, Paris, FR – Slick, Paris, FR; collaborates with institutions: FRAC, FR – C.I.R.V.A, FR; publishers: Al Dante, Transbordeurs; and other private galleries as partner for solo exhibitions: La Bank, Laurent Godin.

Porte Avion Gallery has published many works. Latest edition: Oups! Sylvain Ciavaldini’s personal catalogue, co-published with La BANK gallery, Paris, FR.