Videospread part of the Révélations, Marseille

City Lights Orchestra, Antoine Schmitt

Videospread is pleased to present the art work and interactive installation City Lights Orchestra of artist Antoine Schmitt. It will be presented as part of the opening show of Révélations, Sunday January 29th 2017 at 6pm at les Tours Labourdettes, cours Belsunce, Marseilles.

City Lights Orchestra is an open visual symphony. After nightfall every internet-connected computer illuminates the nearest window, twinkling, pulsing, beating, turning on and off according to its own partition, in rhythm with all other connected computers. Smartphones in the street can join in as they please. The symphony is composed in such way that it can welcome an unlimited number of participants, at any time. For one night, the entire city becomes the orchestra, both performing and witnessing the symphony being played. It is a global city experience.

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