Videospread goes underground…

Videospread is happy to present two programs in Paris’ subway transit -RATP- at Europe station from July through September 2007, and Madeleine station from September through December 2007.


Europe Station (line 3) : 50 Years After

In 1957, the Treaty of Rome, signed by six countries, established the EEC. This economical community was gathered around the symbolic value of peace by the sharing of coal and steel resources.
Fifty years after, and despite monetary and economical difficulties, political disagreements and the refusal of certain members to an enlargement, the European Union now groups twenty-seven countries, and more candidates await the decision on their admission.
The program presented at Europe Station is based on the concepts of construction, development, metamorphosis and fragility.
The artworks of Betty Bui, Cornelis Gollhardt, Cécile Paris, Guillaume Paris and Hugues Reip invite us to question ourselves and imagine tomorrow’s European landscape.

Madeleine Station (line 14) : Time Meditation

Time perception is a complex mix of psychological experiences, philosophical reflexion and cerebral mechanisms.
In 1857, Johann Czermak, a German physiologist and psychologist, is one of the first to test time perception while using psychophysical methods. He is the one to introduce psychophysical study of physiological time perception.
The degree of consciousness we have of time flow is different for every one of us.
The program presented at Madeleine station questions our time perception, its capacity to stretch and reduce, while travel time has itself radically changed due to the increase in rapidity of transportation.
The artworks of Eric Baudart, Laurent Chambert, Karen Russo and Kristina Solomoukha are personal and individual experiences of the flow of time.