Videospread launches “VIDEO GUIDE – Marseilles” screening series.

For the opening of the “VIDEO GUIDE – Marseilles” screening series, and as part of our partnership with the CASZUIDAS screen, Videospread presents the programme “Lick it Up” from Marseilles based organisation Sextant et Plus*. The programme will be launched in July 2008 and screened until May 2009.


Sextant et Plus is pleased to present a selection of videos from artists, Aïcha Hamu, Lionel Scoccimaro and Nicole Tran Ba Vang, which usually reserve video as a peripheral practice. The artworks question the status of the body as a vector of femininity, the impact of its representation in mass media, reflecting on our own perception and the way it can -occasionally- be stereotyped.  Divided or as a whole, the body’s representation is amusing or oddly troubling but always treated with the finest attention to detail.

Curator : Véronique Collard-Bovy