Videospread part of Media Facade Festival Europe 2010.

Videospread is pleased to take part in the Media Facade Festival Europe 2010. The programme “Lick it Up” will be screened for this occasion between the 6th and 9th of September on CHB Facade, Berlin.

Media Facade Festival, Sextant & Plus, 2010.


Céline Jouenne, will be part of the skype “Video Screening Conference” September 7th 2010 at 8:35 pm, visible on the CHB facade, Berlin, as well as on a special online livestream in all the participants Cities.


Sextant et Plus is pleased to present a selection of videos from artists, Aïcha Hamu, Lionel Scoccimaro and Nicole Tran Ba Vang, which usually reserve video as a peripheral practice. The artworks question the status of the body as a vector of femininity, the impact of its representation in mass media, reflecting on our own perception and the way it can -occasionally- be stereotyped.  Divided or as a whole, the body’s representation is amusing or oddly troubling but always treated with the finest attention to detail.

Curator : Véronique Collard-Bovy
* Sextant et Plus  is a non profit organisation specialized in residencies, the production, edition and exhibition of contemporary art,  located on La Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseilles, France.