Videospread travels from Amsterdam to Perth.

Come and enjoy our latest shows on Caszuidas and at Perth’s Cultural Center!

Videospread is pleased to announce the launch of Stéphane Couturier’s programme, Séoul-Tanji on Caszuidas giant screen in Amsterdam during the month of January.

– Séoul-Tanji –

The city, the industry, constructed landscapes, are all for Stéphane Couturier a mean to address the relationship between the artwork and the subject represented. This double aspect – documentary investigation necessary in an artistic research – characterises his body of work. By his photographic approach, Stéphane Couturier perceives the subject like an organism living in a perpetual evolution made of consecutive layers. The accumulation of colours, matter, associated to a remarkable frontal presentation, all contribute to the capacity of dramatisation of the places photographed. With “Melting Point” series, the documentary aspect is still present, however the simple celebration of beauty is no longer sufficient. The world in which we evolve is swarming with new tools able to capture and save the proliferation of signs that surround us. Couturier is able to transpose the documentary aspect of his photographic work, make a shift and go beyond the narrative dimension while retaining the different elements of composition intact. Reality is no longer made of isolated parts with fixed geometrical shapes, it has become a fluid, moving and ever changing reality. Since 2006, Stéphane Couturier has developed a practice with video as an extension of his artistic work. His video installations are non-narrative visual happenings, conducing to a contemplative space.

He is part of the Videospread roaster as of 2011 and has been programmed as part of Set in Concrete during Chic Art Fair in October in Paris, and will be starting a new series of screenings on the Caszuidas Giant Screen in Amsterdam, Netherlands in January 2012

Stéphane Couturier, Séoul-Tanji.


Beginning of 2012, Perth’s Cultural Center giant screen will host Michel Klöfkorn’s, Fragments. This marks the start of a new collaboration with Australian Big Screens network, covering the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne!

Michel Klöfkorn, Fragments.