Virginie Yassef

Lives and works in Paris, France.

Quand les fantômes s’enfoncent dans la vraie neige, 2005
Video, 60’

Virgine Yassef’s videos, photographies, sculptures and installations have the capacity of underlining the poetry and supernatural aspects of an apparently boring daily life.
Quand les fantômes s’enfoncent dans la vraie neige is a three-monitor installation, dispersed throughout the exhibition space.
The slideshow is a series of simple phrases describing burlesque movies scenes. The artist inventories situations wavering from humorous to ludicrous, from black humour to cynical violence.
As one reads the phrases, mental images appear. The spectator has to engage in a process of cinematographic souvenir.
Transposing into words movie scenes that are inevitably visual, forces a mental image re-construction. This process is made possible thanks to the indications given in black and white, in respect of silent cinematography.
These aborted scenes, suddenly having the possibility of taking life in a new dimension, seem to be « reaching out » from the wall and grasping the spectator’s attention in a hypnotic sort of way.